Chlorination: Information for Group Water Schemes

An information booklet that explains the importance of drinking water disinfection and the benefit of chlorination in providing such disinfection from the treatment plant to the consumer's tap.  The booklet focuses on sodium hypochlorite, the most commonly used means of chlorination in group water scheme supplies, emphasising the importance of choosing the correct sodium hypochlorite and suggesting steps that will improve the efficiency of dosing systems and ensure a safe and wholesome drinking water supply.  Key health and safety concerns when dealing with sodium hypochlorite are also addressed.

Road Opening: Information for Group Water Schemes

An information booklet that explains how group water schemes and contractors working on their behalf can apply through an online process for permission to open roads and road verges, whether to fix leaks or lay new pipework.

All About Water


All About Water is a hands-on and hughly interactive source that encourages school children to explore the fascinating world of freshwater habitats and to develop an understanding of all things 'wet and wild'.  Using a specially designed, graphically engaging workbookm the course examines the key themes of water protection and conservation, ensuring that the students have an understanding of their own responsibilities when it comes to this precious resource. 

This workbook comprises five lessons that discuss the importance of water in our everday lives: what it is, where it comes from and how it is to be conserved and protected.  Each lesson contains simple experiments and activities.  In addition to the workbooks, a @Lab in a box' was devloped containing all of the equipment required to carry out the different experiments. 

This book is availalbe from NFGWS, Monaghan office contact Julie on 047-72766.    

Information Booklet Series


NFGWS 'What's in your water?' booklet

A practical guide to the 48 parameters that come under the Drinking Water REgulations has been issued by the National Federation of Group Water Schemes.

Copies can be ordered from the Monaghan office, (047) 72766.  To download a PDF version of this booklet click here..

The files below are pdf documents which are openable in Adobe Acrobat©. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your system, please go here to download a free version.   

NFGWS Information Booklet Series 1, 2, 3


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